Friday, December 24, 2004

Welcome to the world of MBBS!

Hi there!

Welcome to the world of MBBS.

No, I am not a doctor or none of my immediate relations are in the profession of healing.

MBBS, as many things in life, is an acronym of the first names of the family.

Daughter, Son, Wife and Yours-truly, respectively.

We shall hear about them in more detail in future instalments...

As the title of this blog says, it is my attempt at general rambling about everything that I come across in life. I DO NOT want to type-cast this into one of those general i-hate-life-i-love-life kind of philosophical trips, because I am an optimist generally (as much as you are; yes, you are one, since you have taken the pains to come all the way upto this point :-))

Before I sign-off, heard on the MRT:

Girl1: Hey, did you see Ocean's Twelve, ma?

Girl2: No leh... Have seen only Ocean's Eleven...

Girl3 (to Girl2): Not bad man! You have seen Ocean's one-to-ten, eh?????

Girls 1 & 2 and all of us in the MRT: *&^$*#$)@#*$)#@*@#)@