Wednesday, March 16, 2016

தனிமை நன்று! (Solitude is Good!)

Sometimes solitude is good.

Especially in a long commute when you are cocooned in your own musical world aided by iPhone  and pair of earphones.

Today, was one such instance.

We have all watched the movie. We enjoyed 'that' interview. We yearned for such a leader.
We grooved with Sushmita 'Shakalaka Baby' Sen. We 'wowed' those pots in 'Azhagana Ratchasiye'

We cringed at those graphics in 'Mudhalvane'. And 'kuthified' along with 'Uppu Karuvadu'!

But after all these years, there is this 'one' song that really moves me still.

Shankar had a beautiful overture through உளுந்து விதைக்கையிலே, where the not-so-good-looking village belle Manisha sings about nature in general. He then opens it up wider with a more sophisticated version when Arjun falls head-over-heels for Manisha and sings 'அனிச்ச மலரழகே'.

But the full-blown impact of the song set to ragam Vaasanthi comes out in குருக்கு சிறுத்தவளே!

The pining of the lovesick pair is brought about so nicely through the five elements: Water, Wind, Earth, Sky and Fire.

Yes, we can be pardoned to have missed the powerful lyrics by Vairamuthu, as the visuals were simply breathtaking.

Thanks to today's commute the audio part of the song got its Andy Warhol moment :-)

Alternating  between the physical and the profound, Vairamuthu takes you on a fabulous roller coaster ride at the end of which you are unconsciously reaching out to the 'replay' button!

ஒரு கண்ணில் நீர் கசிய
உதட்டு வழி உசிர் கசிய
உன்னாலே சில முறை இறக்கவும்
சில முறை பிறக்கவும் ஆனதே!
அட ஆற்றோட விழுந்த இலை,
அந்த ஆற்றோட போவது போல்,
நெஞ்சு உன்னோடுதான் பின்னோடுதே!
அட, காலம் மறந்து காட்டு மரமும் பூக்கிறதே!

If that anupallavi is delicious, then the coda of second charanam is vintage Kaviarasu!

உடம்பு மண்ணில் புதைகிற வரையில் உடன் வரக் கூடுமோ?
உயிர் என்னோடு இருக்கையிலே, நீ மண்ணோடு போவதெங்கே?
அட, உன் சேவையில் நானில்லையா?
கொல்ல வந்த மரணம் கூடக் குழம்புமய்யா!

Needless to say, the support by Hariharan, Mahalakshmi Iyer and of course, ARR have contributed immensely to the success of this relatively under-rated song!

Sometimes solitude is good. Indeed.